Seed Fenestrations

Planning on building or setting up a family home?

When it comes to renovating or building our new home, we all want the best building materials and systems to be fitted in our homes.

Among our choices, windows and doors remain the most important aspect of our building structure. It not only must provide security to our loved ones, it also must be highly durable, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to reflect our quality lifestyle as well as our appreciation for beauty that lasts.

Over the past years, VEKA in India has developed a wide network of “Associate Fabricators & Dealers” in all major cities who can provide efficient services towards Design, Fabrication, Supply and Handling installation of VEKA System uPVC windows & doors. To support its associates and end customers in India, VEKA has also developed its own team of sales & technical professionals.

VEKA - Leads the world with quality windows & doors

Today, the world’s leading producer VEKA’s quest in providing excellent profiles and services continues unabated.

Well represented all over the world with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Poland, the USA, China, Russia and Mexico, VEKA has more than 2,500 fabricating partners strategically located in all continents, supported by a worldwide network of sales and technical support offices.

The unparalleled success and rise of VEKA can be attributed to three fundamental strengths:

  • Technological advantage.
  • International know-how.
  • Uncompromising quality assurance & improvement.

VEKA also takes pride in offering more than 3000 window and door profile systems to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of any country.

So, when you are looking for the perfect window and door system you often dream about, you really do not need to look beyond VEKA - a name symbolizing Quality.

Multiple window & door design options to suit any need

VEKA Premium Series

Amongst its wide range of Profiles VEKA’s Premium Series offers Innovative Windows & Doors solutions to its customers. The range covers the following type modules :


  • Tilt & Turn Windows.
  • Bottom Hung Windows.
  • Lever Operated Solution.
  • Pivoted or Reversible Windows.
  • Bay Windows with 90 / 120 /135 Degree Angles.
  • Arches, Triangular, Round & Special Shapes.
  • Curves in Plan with Bay Pole Coupling.


  • Sliding & Folding Doors.
  • Lift & Slide Doors.
  • Tilt & Slide Doors.
  • SL 90 System - Big Ht. Sliding Doors.
  • Low Threshold Solutions.

Other Features

  • Wood Finish Laminated Profiles.
  • Colour Options with Co. ex Profiles.
  • Wide Range of Glazing Beads.
  • Glass / DUG Thickness up to 40 mm.
  • DGU Louvers.
  • Georgian Bars.
  • Fly Mesh Possibilities.

VEKA Projects Series:

To address the cost effective yet quality profiles need of the residential projects market in India, VEKA offers complete range of profiles in projects series. The said series is available under VEKA’s own “Halo” brand profiles. Complete solutions for residential requirements are available under this series, as detailed below :

  • Sliding Windows & Doors - 2 Track & 3 Track Solutions.
  • Clip of Solution for Fly Mesh.
  • Wide Range of Glazing Beads.
  • Casement Windows & Doors.
  • Ancillary Profiles for Various Combination Windows & Doors.

VEKA uPVC Profiles - the art of quality framing

If the elegant appearances of VEKA’s soft line windows and doors have impressed you, perhaps you would like to know more about what distinguishes VEKA from others.

Before you rush excitedly into decision, take some time to discover the core material of VEKA’s uPVC window and door System - the material for this Millennium.

uPVC - Superior material for supreme performance

uPVC is an exceptional raw material. It is economical, highly durable and ecologically friendly. With the right combination of ingredients like stabilizers, pigments and fillers, the optimal quality uPVC is manufactured by VEKA.

Such fine modern uPVC window and door are far superior to any aluminum, steel, and timber systems. It eliminates the possibility of air, water and sound leakages with its twin sealing gaskets.

VEKA uPVC window and door system are robust enough to resist atmospheric corrosion, weathering erosion and discoloration. With their multi-chamber design, they offer superior sound & thermal insulation not to mention, their enhanced security capabilities.

Facing Up to Asia - Pacific’s Harshest Critics Beautifully

In designing the perfect window and door systems for Asia-Pacific, VEKA takes into special consideration areas such as cultural preferences and harsh weather conditions. After all, compromising on quality and performance standards isn’t an option.

That is why VEKA takes its high quality uPVC material and further enhance them to withstand Asia-Pacific’s harshest critic - the unforgiving tropical climate. The result is VEKA’s revolutionary “Tropical Compound” which is common among its soft line & Halo range of uPVC profiles, These systems get tough against intensive solar radiation, high heat and humidity. This means no discoloration and deterioration of uPVC window and door system for many years.

Quality You Can Rely Upon

Our fabricators are proud to work with VEKA , the world’s leading manufacturer of uPVC window and door profile systems. All windows and doors produced by our fabricators are backed by the technical expertise and technology transferred from VEKA - the undisputed world leader in quality uPVC window and door profile systems.

With the continuous commitment to provide only the finest uPVC window and door systems, you are assured that you are making the right decision whenever you choose VEKA, one that can stand not only the scrutiny of mankind but also the forces of nature.