Seed Building Systems

At Seed Building Systems (SBS), we are committed to add value to the creations of architects, interior designers, and builders. Thanks to our world-class services, we make any idea of our customer take shape. Be it profiles and systems for doors and windows or glass solutions, aluminium fabrication or installation, each of our services embodies the religiousness of our commitment!

Our assortment of diverse services encompasses everything that architects, interior designers, and builders hinge on to realise their plans. So parallel to a plant seed which has everything from root to shoot, from stem to leaf, it needs to form a new plant! With end to end solutions offered through a single-window called Seed Building Systems, our customers seldom need to turn to a second agency.

Our identity lives up to our ideas. Stylish and uber-cool look and feel, smart and smooth finish, technical sensibility and finesse, aesthetically balanced and synchronized patterns, and perfection in proportion and symmetry become the hallmarks of whatever Seed touches upon. Delivering responsibly, treating deadlines as sacrosanct, responding to customers' concerns instantaneously and sustaining care post the sale are all that forms our religion. You will cherish your experience of association with Seed Building Systems.